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Client Success Stories

Had pain in lower abdomen since about the age of 17 years old that she felt almost daily. Within a few sessions utilizing body code and reiki she was having weeks and months span without feeling pain.



Came to me with severe elbow pain and unable to even lift or hold light objects. Within 35 minute session utilizing emotion code and reiki, she was able to have full movement in arm, reported no pain, and could easily lift, grasp and carry items.



Experiencing pain and tension in right shoulder. Within 40 minutes of utilizing emotion code and reiki, J's pain symptoms reduced from a 6 on the pain scale to a 2. He reported feeling ease and more movement in his shoulder.


Experiencing physical tension in body tied directly to feelings of anxiety. Utilizing emotion code during sessions, S reported feeling lightness and ease in her body as well as a sense of calm and clarity.


Originally came for help with reducing feelings of stress and anxiety, but also reported mild to moderate endometrial pain everyday for several years. 2 sessions focused on releasing trapped emotions and channeling Reiki, M did not experience any pain in her body in between sessions over the course of a month.


Had an old foot injury that still flared up and caused pain and discomfort from time to time. Utilized emotion code and reiki in the session. Pain reduced from a 5 to a 2 within the first session, with 

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