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Joining SLS Holistic's Monthly Membership is a great and easy way to bring spirituality into your life within a like-minded community. Enjoy group readings, reiki, and affirmations that help you on your healing journey!

What does this membership include?

Get a little dose of energy healing every Monday with your Membership!

Our Monthly Membership Package includes:

  • Week 1: Oracle card pull for the collective

  • Week 2: Group distance Reiki sent to your inbox

  • Week 3: Affirmations/Meditation/Journal Prompt

  • Week 4: Group distance Reiki sent to your inbox

The first Monday of the month starts with an oracle card pull for the collective membership. This will set the tone of what energy we need to bring awareness to and work with throughout the following weeks. 

On the second and fourth Mondays, you can expect a distance healing session that you'll receive to your inbox and can listen to anytime you are able. Everyone has a busy life, so no need to worry about scheduling conflicts because it'll be there for you when you're ready. Just make sure that when you do listen, you are in a quiet space where you can relax and soak up some "me time"! These reiki sessions will focus on the energy and them set by the oracle pull.

The third Monday of the month will include either affirmations, a guided meditation, or a journal prompt - once again, relating to the energy set by the first card pull of the month. Intuition will be the guide in what feels best for the group month-to-month!

Investment: $77/month (coming soon!)

Let’s Work Together

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