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Athletes and Mental Health: How Energy Healing can Help

Simone Biles, arguably the greatest gymnast of all time, pulled out of the Olympics to attend to her mental health.

Naomi Osaka pulled out of the French Open and took a step back from competition due to anxiety and surmounting pressures she was facing.

Paul Love and Kevin pierce have been open about their struggles with depression and anxiety.

The Indianapolis Colts have a whole movement called #kickingthestigma to encourage people to seek the mental health services and the players in the organization talk about how much it's helped them in their struggles.

injured athlete mental health

More and more athletes are speaking up about the emotional and mental struggles they face to perform at an elite level game after game, week after week, month after month, and year after year. This not only affects how they show up for games, but also how they are able to show up for their families.

It is a really difficult and brave thing to admit. There is still a public stigma around admitting that you need help. And when rich and successful athletes are doing it, they're often told to "shut up and play" or highly criticized by people who have never faced even an ounce of the pressure they're under.

Most athletes are considered high-achievers and perfectionist. You probably don't get to be a starter on your high school varsity, college, or professional team without those traits. That's great as long as your putting out great performances... but those same qualities eat away at a player when they don't do well or meet their own high expectations.

Add social media to the mix, more eyes are on players than ever, which also means more critics, more opinions, and more haters.

mental health struggles

So how can Energy Healing help with this and create more stability for players?

Energy healing modalities like Reiki, Emotion Code, and Body Code (along with others, but when I refer to energy healing, I'm mainly talking about these three) are all non-invasive, holistic, and gentle techniques that help support mental and emotional wellbeing.

One of the biggest ways energy healing can help is with stress reduction. Energy healing helps induce relaxed states, calming the nervous system. This allows the body to release built up tension and feelings of anxiety which helps to cultivate inner peace and balance when facing pressures of training and competing.

Reducing feelings of stress helps sleep quality (which is important for everyone, not just athletes) and better sleep means better mood. Better moods tend to lead to better performances.

Reducing stress helps reduce physical tension in the body, less tension in the body means the body is able to move and work like it should, which means the likelihood of injury decreases.

Reduced stress also leads to higher immunity levels and overall improved physical health, which helps with longevity of a career.

Mental clarity and focus also improves with energy healing. The ability to "get in the zone" happens easier. Having a clear, calm mind means better decision making during training and games.

soccer players and swimmer

Let's not overlook the importance of emotional release and support that Energy Work provides. Letting go of pent up emotions leads to feeling more secure and confident in oneself. This leads to having better and easier relationships with others both on and off the field (or court, or pitch, or green... you get it) and allows for more harmonious connections, better communication, and easier conflict resolution.

Energy healing needs to become part of an athlete's overall routine. The benefits are too great to ignore. By incorporating different energy healing modalities, players (and coaches too!) can enhance their overall well-being and unlock their full potential.

As always, empower your body, improve your performance, and conquer the game with Energy Healing.


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