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Reiki - Unveiling the Meaning and Journeying into Healing Energy

Stress and anxiety ten to be ever-present in the world today. Statistics show that more people, at younger ages, are on mood-balancing medications more than ever before.

To help calm their over-active minds, tense bodies, and heavy spirits, more people are starting to explore alternative and holistic ways of healing.

One of the modalities that is gaining more and more popularity is Reiki. But what does that even mean? We're about to dive into the origins and philosophy behind the word.


Reiki originated in Japan. Though, I believe that this type of energy healing has been tapped into throughout time in many regions of the world. But the name itself comes from the Japanese language and I think it encapsulates the energy of Reiki beautifully.

"Rei" (pronounced like the word ray) can have a few differing meanings. Universal mind, Universal energy, Spirit, Creation/Creator, or Spiritual Wisdom.

If you break down the Kanji which Rei comes from, it has three parts to it. The upper section portrays clouds and its meaning has to do with higher levels of consciousness that are beyond the ego.

The lower portion of the figure represents the earth and its layers of soil.

The middle sections represents the mind, body, and spirit of a human being. More specifically, this section represents the healer who is located between Heaven and Earth, acting as a channel or bridge to bring the wisdom of the spiritual to the Earth plane.

"Ki" (pronounced like the word key) means Life force energy, Prana, or in a more scientific translation - biofield energy.

We all have a measurable biofield which is created by the electricity produced from the beating of the heart, which then creates our own magnetic field. Imagine it as if you're in the middle of a giant donut that extends above your head to the soles of your feet and reaches 2-3 feet outside of your body.

When I lived in Japan, each morning I would be greeted by students and teachers with the phrase, "Ogenki desu ka?" Which in English we translate into "How are you?" But this question is much deeper than that. By using KI within the question, they are literally referring to your life force energy or the spirit that animates us. How is your spirit today seems much deeper than how are you, doesn't it?

Putting the parts together you get something even more beautiful.

Spiritual Wisdom of Life Force Energy

Creative Life Force Energy

Higher Consciousness of the Soul Energy

Doesn't that sound like the type of energy you want flowing through you?


At its core, Reiki is a holistic healing modality that helps to restore balance and harmonizes the energy within the body.

Although Reiki was discovered by a Japanese monk, it does not hold itself to any religion, culture, or belief system. It can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. It is spiritual in nature and provides love and compassion to those who seek to receive it.

Reiki is rooted in the idea that when our life force energy (our Ki) is low or blocked, we are more susceptible to illness, stress, injury and emotional imbalance. By restarting the flow of energy, Reiki promotes overall well-being and vitality.

Reiki can cause no harm. It is guided by Spiritual Consciousness. It is a pure loving and healing energy. It is helpful and safe to receive at any stage of life.

But Reiki, just like that which created us, respects free will. It can be a wonderful tool for healing and developing higher states of consciousness, but it will not do so unless invited in.

If you have any questions, about Reiki, please reach out and ask! Or if you have stories of healing through Reiki, I'd love for you to share them.

Until next time remember that you can empower your body, improve your performance, and conquer the game with intuitive energy healing!



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Awesome article! Loved it. 🥰

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