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Why Athletes Need Energy Healing

Look - if you follow me on Instagram then you'll see me posting about following my favorite teams (GO IU! GO COLTS!) and repeating "Reiki could help that" when my favorite players get injured.

family pic before a basketball game
Hubs, Doggo, and I pre IU vs UNC at Assembly Hall in 2022

As a Hoosier fan, it was hard to see Xavier Johnson sit on the bench last year with a broken foot. He's back on it with a boot on his other foot now. Who do I gotta tweet at so to get my hands on him?!

Anyway, if you're a sports fan like me, then you also hate seeing your favorite athletes struggle with injury and the team face hardships. But why is that we care so much about sports to begin with?

Well, I see sports as something that brings people together. You have a blast watching or going to game with family and friends.

Doesn't matter how you vote, doesn't matter your job, it doesn't matter where you're from. If you and I are fans of the same team, we're friends. If we aren't - then hopefully we each can handle some friendly teasing back and forth!

Sports let us forget about our stresses for a bit and just enjoy being entertained. You're allowed to cheer as loud as you want, scream in frustration and do it as a collective. Have you every just yelled at the top of your lungs? Doesn't it feel good?

Teams and players also have the ability to create a lot of good within the communities they're in. They can rally those around them to get into creating change and positivity for others.

I dig it.

And these franchises and teams have great doctors, physical therapists, sports psychologists, athletic trainors already so that athletes have support with their mental and physical bodies. Why not their energetic body, too?

At the very base level, everything in this Universe is made of energy. Including us. You're not as solid as you think you are, you're 99.9% empty space. If you put your hand under a powerful enough microscope and zoom in, you'll see vibrating atoms.

So it just makes sense to work on that energetic level because it influences the physical and the mental makeup of a person.

Ok cool - but how does this apply to sports?

Well, because athletes are constantly pushing their bodies and minds to the limit, striving for excellence in whatever their chosen sport is. It takes a lot to maintain peak performance and it's essential for athletes to prioritize their overall well-being.

Energy healing can help achieve this. It helps players recover faster after injury. It can help build resiliency, benefit mental health, create emotional stability, and much more!

The biggest of that (in my opinion) is faster healing time after injury. That's because modalities like Reiki promote healthy bone and tissue growth. Studies have shown that Reiki induces relaxation in the body, helps reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and decrease pain.

All of this helps the body's own healing abilities to kick it and expedite recovery from injuries. That means reducing downtime and allowing players to return to the game more quickly.

It can help build resiliency as well, which is the backbone of athletic success. Players need to be able to remain calm under pressure, recovery quickly from fatigue, bounce back from setbacks, and keep mental focus and clarity to maintain a competitive edge.

Energy healing helps the body deal with all the stress that comes with being an athlete, reducing the likelihood of burnout and promoting longevity for an athletic career.

Not to mention, Energy Healing really helps supports an athlete's mental health. This is becoming more prominent in recent years and more athletes are speaking up when it comes to their mental well-being.

Energy healing provides a safe and supportive space to help athletes clear emotional blocks, improve emotional stability, and manage performance anxiety.

Very few of us have ever experienced the amount of pressures and expectations that we throw on players' shoulders. It's unfair to ask them to perform at elite levels while "sucking it all up". Energy healing can help with maintaining that emotional calm, even when faced with pressures on and off their chosen field of play.

So basically, I know that Energy Healing can help an athlete feel better in the mind and body which enables them to perform better on the field, or court, or pitch, or green, or.... you get the picture!



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