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Heart Wall Release

Sessions to specifically target the trapped emotions around your Heart Wall and allows the subconscious mind to clear and release it.

By doing this you can gain greater emotional freedom, more joy for love, a sense of ease and inner peace, along with having more access to love and compassion for yourself and others

What is a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall is protective mechanism that the subconscious mind creates by taking already trapped emotions from the elsewhere in the body and placing them around the heart to form an energetic barrier. It does this during extreme periods of sadness, overwhelm, stress, illness, or pain. The emotions that make up a Heart Wall can be from any point in life or even inherited from our genetic line.

While helpful in the short-term to keep us from feeling negative emotions too intensely or deeply, it also cuts off our ability to fully feel our positive emotions as well, such as love and joy, desire and passion. When the heart is cut off from pain, it is also cut off from healing and connection.

The heart wall can feel like an emotional prison, until you find and release the trapped emotions and energies that form it, you can feel dissociated from your feelings and unable to deepen relationships with loved ones. It may also cause you to fear forming romantic relationships, even if you desire companionship.

A heart wall may help you to survive, but it keeps you from fully living life and impacts the ability to fully give and receive love.


Symptoms of a Heart Wall


  • Difficulty dealing with stress

  • Feelings of disconnedtion

  • Feelings of anxiety

  • Feelings of depression

  • Feelings of lonliness

  • Unmotivated

  • Difficulty with vulnerabilty

  • Easily overwhelmed

  • High stress levels

  • Emotional "heaviness"


*Always check with medical doctor to make sure there is no medical evidence or causes for symptoms listed below

  • Heaviness in chest

  • Tightness in neck

  • Tense, tight shoulders

  • Tightness in chest

  • Heart palpitations 

  • Shortness of breath​​

After Release

Clients generally report a better sense of overall well-being, feelings of anxiety and stress decreasing, increased motivation, joy about experiencing life, more energy, and a greater sense of love for self and others. 

Below are some testimonials from only a few of the people I've worked with.

"I worked with Shanyn to release my heart wall with Emotion code. Shortly after, I found I had more motivation and desire to make improvements in my health. The day-to-day stress and anxious thinking dramatically decreased. I’m so grateful!"

  • Terri

"Over the course of several sessions, Shanyn released my heart wall. I felt full of love and compassion. I especially noticed this change during my yoga sessions, like my heart was shining from the inside out! Her reiki feels so comforting and I can feel it even when her hands aren’t physically on me! I usually have trouble relaxing, but was able to open up during the session. Afterwards, it was like I was refreshed and my energy levels restored! Since working with Shanyn, I’ve been better able to connect to my body and honor what it needs."

  • Cindel

"After Shanyn released my heart wall, I started dating a gentlemen within a few months. I used to be so nervous in relationships, but it's been fun dating and so far, everything is going well!"

  • JD

"For the first time in decades, I'm actually excited about life."

  • Carolyn

What to Expect

  • Amount of sessions depend on how many emotions you have making up your heart wall

  • Please plan for each personal session to last 45 minutes

  • Sessions to include of mix of any of the following:

    • Emotion Code​

    • Body Code

    • Reiki

    • Energetic grounding

    • Short breath work exercises 

    • Oracle Card Pull

    • EFT Tapping

  • After each session

    • You will get a link to the session recording so that you can review at your leisure or repeat any exercises and modalities that were used in the session

Investment: $100 per session. When you go to purchase, click "Intuitive Healing" and where you can right intentions, mention Heart Wall Release

Let’s Work Together

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